This Acrylic painting was inspired by Janeen's Art residency at Hamelin station reserve in Shark bay and celebrates the stunning pink everlasting flowers that frequent the region in the spring. Masses of pink and white everlastings burst forth from the rich red earth in abundance after the winter rains, bringing life to an otherwise seamingly barren land. A show to behold, welcoming in the West Australain spring.

By minimizing the subject matter this aerial view accentuates the colour contrast providing a challenging view of colour combinations that flout artistic instinct. The subtle tracks weave amongst the flowers and move the eye through the landscape enticing and evoking feelings of joy.


 All Pouches are  professionally handcrafted in Geraldton from 100% linen cotton. They are padded and  lined in 100% cotton, with high quality brass look zips and zipper pulls.  


Because each pouch is individually made, design layout may vary slightly from the item shown.


large boxed Pouch - 23cm L x 16cm H x 9cm W Base

Medium Boxed Pouch - 20cm L x 13cm H x 8cm W Base

Everlasting magic linen/cotton pouch