Janeen chose to paint this very special Grevilleaafter photographing it on a field trip to the Moresby ranges while completing the Conservation and land management course at Geraldton Regional TAFE in 2008.

The Grevillea bracteosa subsq. howatharra which is endemic to Western Australia is one of 2 subspecies of Grevillea bracteosa and was listed as declared rare Flora in WA under the Wildlife Consevation Act 1950, and in August 2017 was accepted as critically endangered due to its limited extent of occurrance. There are 377 mature plants in existance in five locations in the Mid West and wheatbelt including the magnificent Moresby ranges east of Geraldton. The DBCA and NACC planted 17 hectares in 2017 which will hopefully insure that this magnificent Grevillea survives into the future.

The Greviilea bracteosa howatharra is a shrub that grows to 2 metres. It has grey green long narrow leaves and produces clusters of pink flowers which are protected by bracts until they open. It flowers from April to August.


Padded Pouch comes with a lining of 100% cotton

and high quality brass zip and zipper pull.

Each pouch is individually made therefore design layout may vary slightly. 


large boxed Pouch  23cmL x 16cmH x 9cmW Base

Medium Boxed Pouch  20cmL x 13cmH x 8cmWBase

Grevillea grandeur cotton lined pouch