This vibrant gouache painting of the Salty seashore was one of 20 designs chosen to decorate the Bollards around the CBD of Geraldton in 2018. Geraldton's prestine coastline is one of this regions greatest teasures  and Janeen is fortunate enough to live on it's doorstep.


Salty seashore pouches are printed on Linen cotton canvas with a 100% mustard cotton lining and high quality zip.

Zipper pulls are individually made from waxed cotton cord and recycled or preloved glass/Resin beads and buttons.

Each pouch is individually made therefore design layout, lining colour and zipper pulls can vary slightly from the item shown

large boxed Pouch - 23cm L x 16cm H x 9cm W Base

Medium Boxed Pouch - 20cm L x 13cm H x 8cm W Base

Salty seashore cotton lined pouch