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This Acrylic painting was inspired by Janeen's Art residency at Hamelin station reserve in Shark bay and celebrates the Mini ritchie, Birridas, Hamelin lagoon and the tracks left by animals, humans and nature over time leaving imprints on the land for us to interpret.


 The Mini ritchie acacia (Acacia grasbyi maiden) distinctive to the landscape of Hamelin reserve has a zig zag branch formation and stunning red bark that peels into curly flakes which makes it a unique and fascinating species of Acacia.


Oval shaped Birridas are scattered throughout the shark bay region. They are landlocked salt pans formed over 10,000 years ago. After heavy rains they are teaming with brine shrimp, horseshoes crabs and invertebrae which are feasted on by wading birds that migrate to Shark bay. 


One ofJaneen's favorite places that she frequented daily was the blue freshwater lagoon at Hamelin reserve. Surrounded by lime green reeds and rushes, it attracts an abundance of bird life. Every day different birds would fly in to enjoy its peace and tranquility. A wonderful spot for contemplation and inspiration. 


This painting is 70cm x 98cm x 4cm on triple primed linen/cotton canvas stretched onto a beaded pine frame with enforced corners custom made in Janeens studio.  

All original paintings come with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist.

If you wish to purchase this painting please contact Janeen directly at to arrange payment and shipping. 


Imprints on the land Acrylic painting - SOLD

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