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Flint Cliff Gully is adjacent to the Flint Cliff which is a site of cultural significent to the Malgana people of Shark bay.

During my Art Residency with Bush Heritage Australia at Hamelin station Reserve in June 2021 I visited this area with the Reserve Manager. This area has been destocked, jute matts laid and endemic plants replanted to stabilize the ground and enable soils to recover, minimizing sediment run off into the gully. The Malgana Rangers have been working with Bush Heritage Australia to stabilize the gully system to protect the Stromatolites and the health of Hamelin pool.


Standard prints are printed on 200gsm smooth matt rag paper with signed Authenticity certificate.


LE (limited edition of 50) prints are printed on off white rough Cotton Rag 320gsm paper (which has a wonderful textured surface like watercolour paper). These prints are signed by the artist and numbered in a Limited Edition of 50 at the base of the print.


All prints are archival and have an extra 2cm white border.


Please allow extra shipping time for LE Mounted Canvas prints.

Flint cliff Gully - Shark bay square fine art print

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