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I have always been amazed at how mother nature can create something so breath taking as a Pink Lake.

Australia has 10 Pink Lakes, and we are fortunate to have the famous and most beautiful one right here in the Mid West. The Pink Lake at Hutt River Lagoon covers 79sq kms and is seperated from the ocean by a barrier dune system which is fed by marine water through springs. The pink hue is created by the presence of the carotenoid producing algae "dunaliella salina", which is a source of Beta Carotene, a food colouring agent and source of Vitamin A. The lake colour changes through sectrums of red to bubble gum pink to liliac, depending on the season, time of day and cloud coverage.

I love the white crusty salty edges of the lake that are bound in colourful beaded Samphires and marsh plants that thrive on its rim. The salt marshes have evolved to tolerate these adverse saline conditions and are classified as an endangered ecological coommunity that needs to be carefully protected.


This painting was created for Janeen's latest Exhibition BIOPHILIA - For the love of nature which was held in her coastal outdoor Garden Gallery at Sunset beach in September 2023.



Pink lake - Port Gregory - SOLD

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